Thursday, February 18, 2010

even yet more sketches...

here's some more sketches. these were originally printed in the Meathaus Sketchbook go for the gold along with a some of the stuff i posted here a while ago.

I've noticed that something i tend to draw alot is little people inside of people, or people using animal heads as hats. when i doodle and don't think about it it's something that i draw over and over again.

here are some post its with the same theme.
eventually I'd like to do something with this idea. a story or animation but I'm not quite sure what it's all about yet so that remains to be a project for the future.



  1. awesome drawings - i like how many different kinds of noses you have in the top one. Also, I ended up clicking on the animation by Bruce Bickford and it started to make me a little insane.. that magazine looks great.

  2. this is great all around. creepy bunny head is my fav post it.
    little people inside of people!
    little people inside of people!

  3. Yes! I love it! You know that there is a sexual fetish with people being swallowed by other people, right?

    Excellent drawings as always!