Wednesday, June 30, 2010

horse woman & ribbon deer

wow formatting posts on blogger is not easy.

Here are more weird characters!

I know these guys need work, I'm not really satisfied with either of them - any suggestions on how to improve?


  1. I like the deer! I'd like to see what the rest of the model looks like. The horse woman might be more interesting if it had a longer front legs, that way it could keep the semi-upright posture but still have all feet planted without crouching the back legs. Of course that's just part of my own weird taste and it depends on how far from realistic proportions you want to take it. Also would be cool to see the hair coming from under the hat and overlapping part of the skull

  2. I love the first sketch, it`s what caveman would paint on their cave if they listened to black metal and could draw.
    I think since six titted horse skull cyclop woman is such a patchwork of different elements it would help if colorwise she was more cohesive. I like the deer.

  3. wow, i love these! really thinking bout these. i get a feeling of georgia o keefe. she was an old woman who lived in the desert and painted skulls and flowers. she ruled. the bottom stuff looks like her reincarnation in hell. Terrific!

  4. thanks guys! Michael that's really interesting: I was definitely thinking about her when i made these and the bottom one is kind of a portrait of her