Sunday, June 13, 2010

iTouch sketch!

Here's a sketch that I did on my iPod Touch with a program called, Brushes!...a while ago.  My friend Chase did the design with the basic green and violet colors and I 'brought it to life' by painting it more realistic, sorta...
Let me know what you think.

*UPDATE- here it is!


  1. Nice! Would like to see a time lapse video, and you should be able to upload one...the button next to the add image button is supposed to be for video but i can't say i've used it before. I remember reading something about it not working in the new post editor, so you might need to switch back to the old one if that's the case.

  2. awesome musculature - sort of looks like earthworm jim to me :)

  3. Thanks Matt and Gautam! I remember earthworm Jim! ;P